Work underway to review all Oman Vision 2040 indicators

Muscat: The Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Monitoring Unit affirmed that work is currently underway to review all Oman Vision 2040 indicators and verify their effectiveness in terms of measuring and evaluating the pathway to achievement of the Vision and definition of clear objectives every five years.

This was stated during the press conference organized by the Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Monitoring Unit on Wednesday.

The Unit reviewed its annual report for 2021 as the first report following the launch of the Vision in early 2021.

Dr. Khamis Saif Al Jabri, Head of the Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Monitoring Unit, underscored the importance of the role of the media in highlighting the efforts made to inform the community about the achievements of Oman Vision 2040. Oman Vision 2040.

He explained that the Unit seeks, through its website, to increase the reception of community participation.

For his part, Eng. Hamoud Hilal Al Habsi, Director General of Oman Vision 2040, reviewed during the visual presentation the creation of the Vision, its components, the role of the Unit and its methodologies in monitoring and supporting efforts to achieve the Vision and executive position of the indicators of Oman Vision 2040 as well as the current efforts to achieve these indicators.

He added that since the launch of Oman Vision 2040 in early 2021, a set of short and medium term national programs have been launched.
Programs are designed based on milestone requirements and five-year development goals with the aim of achieving the national Vision goals with clear governance that achieves integrity between relevant departments.

Khalid Said Al Shuaibi, head of the national investment and export development program “Nazdaher”, spoke about the business environment of the program represented by the simplification and digitization of investment procedures, investment tools, legislation and the judicial system.

He added that the number of initiatives launched by the program to ensure investment system readiness reached 124, including 59 enabling initiatives, 46 in investment projects and 19 in investment opportunities.

He affirmed that the program has the function of strengthening and enhancing the role of the private sector in leading economic development by creating an attractive investment environment.

He pointed out that the initiatives and projects of the program are divided into two main axes, namely the business environment and investment sectors, which include energy, mining, processing industries, transport, aviation, tourism and information and communication technologies (ICT) and food security. .

Eng. Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Al Kharousi, Director of the Government’s Digital Transformation Program, said that around OMR 159 million has been saved after reviewing the budgets proposed by government institutions under the Digital Transformation Program Plan 2021-2025.

He added that the program aims to strengthen the efficiency of government institutions, find innovative solutions and improve the working environment by simplifying business models and providing channels and tools that make optimal use of technological changes. fast.

Dr. Badr Hamoud Al Kharousi, National Employment Program Development Team Leader, said the program seeks to generate sustainable employment solutions and employment opportunities for Omanis by expanding the local market. and increasing the quality of opportunities.

He added that the program includes training and rehabilitation initiatives for Omani cadres of job seekers and students about to graduate to ensure they are ready to work as per the requirements. of various sectors of the labor market. The program also focuses on identifying job opportunities in supply chains in various economic sectors. – ON A

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