Work to reduce barriers to investment in Belarus continues

Alexander Chervyakov

MOGILEV, November 5 (BelTA) – Work to lower the barriers that hamper investment activities continues in Belarus. Belarusian Economy Minister Aleksandr Chervyakov made the statement during the plenary session of the 12th Mill of Success International Investment Forum in Mogilev, BelTA learned.

Aleksandr Chervyakov said: “The government has approved a package of measures to launch a new investment round, which aims to reduce barriers and create additional conditions to stimulate investment activities. The work takes place in three key blocks. The first aims to guarantee the predictability and stability of the conditions for the implementation of investment projects. The investment law is being amended to introduce the so-called stabilization clause and new mechanisms for carrying out investment projects are being developed. The second block focuses on reducing the costs of the investor during the implementation of investment projects. Improving legislation on property, land and types of construction activity is key. The third block focuses on increasing sources, creating resources and capital, and expanding the long money segment in the economy, including boosting the stock market and adjusting business conditions. assurance. We want investors to use all of these approaches. We would like to see interest in them.

The official said that a year ago, the head of state proposed a formula for the development of regions focused on investment. “At least one manufacturing project in each district. At least one significant and major project per region. Our work on the formation of a five-year investment program is based today on this formula ”, underlined Alexandre Chervyakov.

The Minister of Economy mentioned pharmacy, biotechnology, optics, electronics and medical equipment production as priority sectors for investments in Belarus for the next five years. Another promising direction is the creation of efficient Belarusian electric transport and the production of spare parts for this transport. “Apart from that, investments in information and communications technologies look promising. Much attention is paid to investing in science, engineering, health, recreation and tourism, ”noted Aleksandr Chervyakov.

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