Work on care facilities resumes after five-month delay

CGI of Cale View

Construction work on a 74-bed care ward in Wincanton, Somerset, has restarted after stalling when contractors Midas Construction went into administration.

Cornerstone Healthcare Group had to go back to the market to put out a tender, which delayed the £10million project by five months.

Cale View will provide care for adults of all ages with challenging behaviors associated with complex neurological disorders and mental health diagnosis. It will be added to Cornerstone’s existing services in Hampshire and Surrey.

Gloucester-based Markey Group has restarted construction work after winning the tender.

‘The development pause was obviously extremely frustrating for us and our client. However, it’s great to have the Markey Group on board,” said Ian Holmes, Northstar Projects Director and Cornerstone Project Manager.

Cornerstone Group chief executive Johann van Zyl said: “Recent studies from Dementia UK have identified that 71,000 people in England have a diagnosis of dementia praecox. It is of the utmost importance that Cale View opens as soon as possible to provide this much needed service in the South West region.

“This area is extremely underserved by the specialist and complex care we provide. We have already had contact with representatives of the NHS Care Commissioning Group and look forward to working with them.

The project should be completed next fall.

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