Weekend special: Will the phenomenal rise in space tourism benefit the world?, World News

The world is changing at a rapid pace. What was special before is common now.

Space travel has also seen it lately. In the past, only scientific explorers ventured into space to find multiple answers, but now it has become a way to spend free time.

Due to advancement and commercialization, space tourism has become a reality.

Several large conglomerates have entered this very lucrative arena.

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Not only that, competition in the industry has already intensified. These days, Elon Musk’s SpaceX runs missions to send tourists into space. He also worked on several other missions in coordination with NASA.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin also made their maiden flights. Many billionaires, such as Japanese tycoon Yusaku Maezawa, Branson and others, have visited space before.

Besides the billionaires, several others have also reached space or the International Space Station.

The American company Space Adventures, headed by Tom Shelley, sent about eight tourists to the ISS.

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The industry also faces significant criticism due to its carbon footprint. This comes at a time when the world is looking to tackle climate change in a do or die situation.

Some companies use cleaner fuel for space travel, but others don’t.

Virgin Galactic said it plans to run 400 flights a year in the future. This shows that the popularity of space tourism will surely increase.

This can lead to a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions. It is therefore important to find the right balance between advancing in the form of space tourism and solving the problems of climate change.

Thus, this type of tourism can help transport people to other planets, but it can lead to the destruction of the Earth.

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