Virgin Galactic teases VSS Unity space tourism flight in round-trip video

As the hype videos go, here’s one that’s out of this world. Virgin Galactic teases what space tourism will be like aboard its VSS Unity spacecraft, and the peek at a short but gentle ride to the edge of space is enough to make even the most timid passenger feel amplified for the sake of it. future of recreational take-off.

Counting down to the planned 2022 start of private charters of the six-seater, Virgin shared a preview of a VSS Unity round-trip using a mix of CGI and live footage taken at the interior of the elegant ship. Experience the spectacular bird’s-eye view of the looming recreational spaceflight era in the new clip from Virgin Galactic:

From takeoff to landing, the video offers a cinematic presentation of the journey space tourists are about to take. The crowning glory of each flight comes when the Unit’s hybrid rocket motor comes to a complete stop at a suborbital altitude of 80 km (about 50 miles) above Earth, leaving the spacecraft momentarily silent and adrift.

As they hang out in the Twilight Realm where space draws closer to the atmosphere, passengers will lose their helmets, unfasten their seat belts and “float effortlessly in the cabin, enjoying the childlike freedom of weightlessness.” , as VG’s exuberant narrator recounts. . Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Unity can prepare for the trip home.

“While taking advantage of the weightlessness and the life-changing sight, the vehicle prepares to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere” using the Unit’s “Feather” technology, explains Virgin. The Feather System allows the craft’s wings to pivot vertically for direct atmospheric descent, before expanding once again to achieve a conventional aircraft landing at Virgin’s Spaceport America complex in New Mexico.

Seats on VSS Unity were pre-sold for $ 250,000 in the initial offering from Virgin (which had 600 well-funded takers), but will reach $ 450,000 per passenger once the high-altitude craft makes future slots. available, according to Digital Trends.

Of course, that’s a lot of moolah for an hour-long trip. But for anyone lucky enough to be looking at Earth soon from one of VSS Unity’s 17 porthole-style windows, money will likely be the last thing on their mind as humanity’s first generation of space tourists enjoy. invaluable, once in a lifteime -view.

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