Tourism workers urged to return to work as tourism resumes

Ms. Chhay Sivlin, President of the Travel Agents Association of Cambodia, encouraged tourism professionals to return to work in the tourism sector as Thai and Vietnamese tourists flock to Cambodia.

Ms Chhay Sivlin said international tourists are gradually returning to Cambodia after Cambodia reopened the country and removed COVID-19 restrictions.

She added, “Currently, Vietnamese tourists coming to Cambodia are ahead of Chinese tourists, and the second leading group is Thai tourists.

As Cambodia progresses towards a better situation for the growth of tourists, we are still concerned about the lack of tourism professionals, so we encourage tourism professionals to return to work to provide more and more diversified tourism products to attract international tourists and attract domestic tourists not to travel abroad too much as other countries start to open up”

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Thuon Sinan, Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Tourism Association, also noted the positive influx of international tourists to the ASEAN region, with international tourism gradually arriving in Cambodia, especially from Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

However, he notes that at present, the flow of tourists still does not reach the required levels.

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