Tourism: Staff and customers with flu-like symptoms should self-isolate

As the spread of the coronavirus pandemic continues around the world, the Gambia Tourist Board and the Department of Health have declared a 1025 toll-free covid-19 call open to the general public for any suspected cases of the virus in the country. In addition, GTBoard donated some important items to be used in order to warn individuals against coronavirus in the workplace.

Abdoulie Hydara, director general of the Gambia Tourist Board (GTBoard) made the announcement Thursday during a presentation of certain elements of prevention in the workplace against the deadly virus at the Ministry of Health. The presentation ceremony took place at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Banjul.

He said that among the interim measures developed by The Gambia Tourist Board in conjunction with the Department of Health for all hotels to be implemented is that “staff and guests with flu-like symptoms should ‘self-isolate and the Department of Health should be contacted at no charge. 1025 for advice and guidance.

DG Hydara further revealed that posters on good hand hygiene will be displayed in all public areas while all staff will receive appropriate disinfectant (disposable alcohol swabs) to enable them to regularly disinfect tables, keyboards and chairs.

“In case of isolation (self-or imposed), cleaning should be carried out under the supervision of health and safety officers only and the Ministry of Health in collaboration with GTBoard and the Gambia Hotel Association will carry out sensitizations in all hotels in the next few days, ”he added. underlined DG Hydara.

The director general of tourism hoped that “these measures will greatly contribute to the prevention / control of disease in the event of a case in the country. It should be noted, however, that early detection and notification of all possible cases, especially those from affected countries, is of paramount importance. ”

Upon receiving the donated items, Dr Mustapha Bittaye, Acting Director of Health at the Ministry of Health, said he was delighted with the donated items, which have not been easy to find since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic ” even if you have the money / resources because the demand for them is very high, ”said Dr Bittaye.

He highlighted the relationship between the Gambia Tourism Board and the Ministry of Health, which he described as “a very good relationship”.

He alluded to other speakers that health is beyond the Ministry of Health and therefore expressed their level of happiness by receiving the articles from the donor, GTBoard.

Besides the donation, he said GTBoard has an open door relationship with the Department of Health in terms of healthy discussion and suggestion to achieve common goals.

Professor Gomez, Chairman of the Board of GTHI and Mr. Suwareh, Member of the Board of GTBoard, among others, made remarks during the presentation.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary of MoTC, CEOs of NCAC, GTHI, officials of GTBoard and Ministry of Tourism all attended the presentation.

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