The pandemic is sending mass tourism packages; 8 new trends


“The model of tourism is evolving and evolving not only in our country, but in almost all the countries of southern Europe,” notes the president of the E-Real Estates network, Themistoklis Bakas.

After a catastrophic year for tourism where losses exceeded 77% compared to 2019, due to the pandemic, the need for a new tourism model now seems more urgent than ever.

Trends that until recently were adopted by a few are now chosen by more engaging alternative destinations, travel experiences through culture and locals, road trips, wellness services, research of “hidden” destinations and independent private homes that are among the best choices for tourists visiting Greece.

“The model of tourism is changing and changing not only in our country, but in almost all countries in southern Europe. It is changing and creating new opportunities in every country that will realize the new model in time, evolve quickly and react immediately. to new challenges, “notes the president of the E-Real Estates network, Themistoklis Bakas.

Spain, whose tourist market represents 12% of its GDP and count 13% of employment with 83.7 million tourists per year and income of 72 billion euros in the pre-covid-19 era, now aims to move from mass tourism to a new model offering higher income per tourist.

Italy, which has 4.2 million tourism workers, 65 million tourists and a turnover of 44.3 billion euros (before 2020), is now turning to a different tourism, “smart” according to local media, and that was the direction. given by Prime Minister Mario Draghi on the day he took office.

Eight trends shaping tourism

New tourist profile
According to Erik Cohen (emeritus professor of sociology George S. Wise, winner of the Ulysses Prize of the UNWTO), there is an “existential tourist” category, whose main concern is the in-depth knowledge and absorption of culture, habits and the way of life of the inhabitants. live.

New generation of tourists
In the years to come, a new generation will put more emphasis on health and safety. Since last summer, domestic and foreign tourists mainly choose independent apartments / houses listed on short-term rental platforms and / or villas, bungalows in hotels with the aim of protecting their health.

Activities around nature
Containment has restored and created new habits around nature. Many Europeans and Americans have undergone personal assessments, looking for the best ways to ensure mental and physical health.

Telecommuting and digital nomads
Teleworking for many professionals and employees in the private sector, as well as digital nomads, create new conditions that should be taken into account when designing the new tourism model.

“Sun and Sea”, but also infrastructure
Expensive tourism and luxury accommodation are recovering much faster than mass tourism after the crisis. “The“ Sun and Sea ”brand is not enough when you target quality tourism, those tourists who are interested in products with higher added value.

Promotion of thematic tourism
Thematic tourism should be an immediate target for the country’s tourism industry. There are special forms of tourism that cater to visitors with high budgets. Rural tourism (agritourism, wine tourism, etc.), sports tourism, maritime tourism (car and diving), cultural tourism, gastronomic tourism, among others.

Emergence of new destinations
“Let’s not forget that 85% of Greek territory is a tourist destination. With over 16,000 kilometers of coastline, with around 6,000 increasingly smaller islands and islets, and with a well-established position in the global tourism market, there are many destinations that can be sought after as an independent brand, ”notes Bakas. .

Increased demand for short-term rentals
“The short-term rental industry turned out to be more resilient than expected, as it was basically the ‘solution’ for domestic and foreign tourists. Both last year and summer 2021 there is a lot of mobility and pre-bookings thanks to the flexible cancellation policy in independent villas with private pools in popular locations, ”Bakas adds.


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