Space tourism company World View reaches 1,000 reservations for flights to the far reaches of space

Most bookings were sold in the Commercial Space Tourism category just six months after opening; Sells the first year of flights from Spaceport Grand Canyon

TUCSON, Ariz., May 04, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–World Vision, a leader in space tourism and stratospheric hot air balloons, has reached a new milestone: reaching 1,000 bookings for its space tourism program taking participants to the far reaches of space in a zero-pressure stratospheric balloon and a pressurized space capsule. As a seasoned leader in stratospheric exploration and space tourism, the company has now sold the most seats in the space tourism category.

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Rendering of the World View space capsule’s ascent into the stratosphere (Photo credit: Courtesy of World View)

World View reservations for Spaceport Grand Canyon have also been sold out for the first year, with commercial flights due to begin in 2024. World View reservations come from 32 countries with the United States, Canada, Germany and the Kingdom United topped the list. A growing list of explorers booked into multiple spaceports while others purchased additional tickets for friends and family, including 43 full capsule reservations.

“Reaching 1,000 bookings underscores the passion, excitement and interest in this unique experience that World View offers. It means that 1,000 new people will be able to enjoy majestic views of Earth and space for an adventure that will has never been more accessible to mankind. The fact that the Grand Canyon spaceport flight is sold out for the first year also highlights the market demand and the growing interest in space tourism. rediscovering our wonderful Earth.” said Ryan M Hartman, President and CEO of World View.

Today’s announcement follows the company’s decision entry into the space tourism and exploration market in late 2021, providing a more affordable, long-lasting and accessible space experience that couples enjoying the unique views of Earth and space. World View trips will be from the Seven Wonders of the World, Stratospheric Edition™, including the Grand Canyon spaceports, Great Barrier Reef, Serengeti, Northern Lights, Amazonia, Giza Pyramids and Great Wall of China, offering attendees the opportunity to experience these wonders from the ground, then view the same location from the edge of space.

The flights cost $50,000 and will carry eight participants and two World View crew members in a zero-pressure stratospheric balloon and pressurized space capsule to 100,000 feet, nearly 23 miles into the stratosphere, for a transformative experience that will last six to eight hours. Participants will lift off before dawn to watch the sunrise over Earth, once at the apogee of 100,000 feet, explorers will witness the darkness of space, see the stars above and see the curvature of the Earth.

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World View is the leading stratospheric exploration company whose mission is to inspire the global community to rediscover Earth. Through its legacy of Stratollite imagery and newly launched space tourism and exploration ventures, World View strives to achieve its ultimate goal: to honor the planet so that future generations will feel blessed to call it home. . For more information, visit

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