Russian tourism staff say interest in travel to Thailand has increased for Russians

More Russians would be interested in venturing to Thailand. After Russia announced earlier this week that it would lift Covid-19 restrictions on flights to 52 countries, starting April 9, some Russian tourism workers say there has been a massive increase in inquiries research in Thailand by the Russians.

Searches for tickets to Thailand have reportedly increased by 20%, according to a popular Russian vacation planning service called OneTwoTrip. OneTwoTrip reported that Russian interest in all countries has increased by 5-350%. Elena Shelehova, head of OneTwoTrip, told Russian state news of increased interest in travel since the Russian government announced on April 4 that it would lift restrictions.

“… growth in interest is seen for virtually all destinations – from 5% to 350% compared to the average daily numbers for the week of March 29-April 3.”

Meanwhile, flights to and from Thailand are still on hold. Russian airlines are under heavy pressure from Western sanctions. Due to re-routing and oil prices, connecting flights by foreign operators are limited.

Last month, many Russians who had previously traveled to Thailand found themselves stranded. There were more than 7,000 Russian and Ukrainian tourists across Thailand, with around 3,000 Russians alone stranded in Phuket. Following Mastercard and Visa’s decision to cut services to cards issued in Russia, many Russians were unable to access their financial funds to pay for new flights.

Russians made up the largest group of tourists to Phuket in December, and more than 17,000 of them arrived on the island that month. They were also an important part of tourism since pre-Covid times.

THE SOURCE: Phuket News


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