Restoration works of historic buildings in progress

LAHORE: The Secretary of the Department of Local Government and Community Development (LGC&DD), Punjab has said that the historic buildings of Lahore are valuable historical assets that need to be restored to their true beauty, the Department of Local Government is actively working to preserve and protect them.

Work is underway on various historic building restoration projects all over Punjab including Lahore. Syed Mubasher Hussain, while talking about the revised and improved restoration plan, said, “A very versatile and magnificent plan has been drawn up for the restructuring of the walled city of Lahore under the name of Heritage and Urban Regeneration, a document of work has already been prepared for the project.He also added that initially the project will cost 4 billion rupees, which would be used to restructure the Shahi Qila, Badshahi Masjid and surrounding areas, but we are planning to expand the scale of this plan in the future.Syed Mubasher Hussain said that the project would be completed in the next five years with the support of foreign investment and is designed under the tourism marketing plan.This project will be an initiative benchmark for the promotion of tourism in Lahore and Punjab.

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