Public Relations News | Saudi Arabia calls on Nicolla Hewitt for media work

Nicolla hewitt

Saudi Arabia hired Nicolla Hewitt Communications Corp. to educate broadcast, print and social media about the reforms and changes underway in the Kingdom under its de facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Nicolla Hewitt has over 30 years of media experience, working for CBS, ABC, NBC and Yahoo!

On behalf of the Saudi Arabian Media Ministry, the NHCC led advocacy efforts with Nic Robertson of CNN, Norah O’Donnell / Margaret Brennan of CBS, Time Dan Stewart, Eric Shawn of Fox News, Vivian Nereim of Bloomberg, Sarah Robbins of BBC America, Travel + Leisure Paul Brady, the New York Post NBC’s Paula Froelich, Natasha Lebedeva and Harper’s bazaar Eleonore Marchand, according to her file at FARA.

The company presented a wide range of topics including energy, ARAMCO, tourism, fashion, economic reform, Yemen, defense, G20 summit, NEOM and Prince Turki’s book.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, the NHCC has done public relations work for Autism Speaks, the Rockefeller Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Stand Up to Cancer, Virgin Unite and Turquoise Mountain, the foundation started by the Prince of Wales.

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