Prince William says spending on the environment, not on space tourism

Hmmm. Lots of thinking.
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I’m hesitant to say this, given his recent handling of family racism allegations and his sibling’s hallmarks of being famous, but I think Prince William just voiced a good opinion? One that I can follow and actually share? Hmmm. Lots of thinking.

The opinion in question: that all those billionaires who are currently racing to the farthest reaches of space would do everyone better if they instead spent some of that money saving the Earth. “We need some of the greatest brains and minds in the world committed to trying to fix this planet, not trying to find the next place to live,” said William, whose thoughts on the environment have recently been published as part of a book. BBC. “It’s really crucial, to focus on that. [planet] rather than giving up and heading off into space to try to think of solutions for the future.

Although I loathe to classify Jeff Bezos as one of the “greatest minds in the world” – remember his proposal, immediately after returning from his inaugural Blue Origin flight, that we movement “all polluting industries” in space – I agree that all the money he pours into galactic tourism would be better spent curbing the climate crisis. Except for the view, these flights look like ten minutes of faintness, and why? The chance to brag to your wealthy friends about when you almost had so close space out? To be fair, I guess it might be worth mentioning that Bezos did. make a donation 10 billion dollars for the preservation of the environment. That seems like the absolute least he could do, given the depth of his fortune (his net worth is valued approximately $191 billion), the scale of Amazon’s carbon footprintand the fact that his astral wanderings seem to produce amazing shows, but I digress. William told the BBC he had “absolutely no interest” in visiting space, unlike many of his mega-rich peers – a refreshing change of pace – and highlighted the “rise in climate anxiety” among young people whose “future is fundamentally threatened”. And meanwhile, the billionaire boys are taking advantage of every opportunity they get. Coarse.

Convincing evidence that Prince William’s opinion is right is that the seasoned troll William Shatner think it’s bad. “He’s a lovely, gentle, educated man, but he’s got the wrong idea,” Shatner said of the future King of England in an interview with entertainment tonight. “The idea here is not to go, ‘Yeah, look at me. I’m in space,’ he said, but to “show people that it’s very convenient. You can send someone like me in space,” and maybe unloading all of our damaging industry there as well. Bezos recently launched the 90-year-old star trek veteran at the atmospheric edge of the Earth, so he has first-hand experience in this department. Maybe he’s even a little biased, in that maybe he’s the one missing the point. I’m pretty sure Prince William is saying we should deal with Earth’s deadly problems here and now rather than rolling the dice on a space future; the window to avert unequivocal climate catastrophe is almost closed, after all.

Anyway, say what you want about Prince William (maybe he can’t type, for example), but I agree with him on private spaceflight. Please respect my privacy during this confusing time.

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