Portion of Wrigley Drive in Lake Geneva scheduled for 2022 road works | Local News

The new year may have just begun and Lake Geneva officials are already discussing possible street improvement plans for 2022.

Representatives from engineering consulting firm MSA Professional Services, Inc. presented a proposed list of projects for the 2022 street improvement program at the city council’s public works committee meeting on Dec. 28.

The program includes street improvement works on Wrigley Drive, starting at the corner of Main Street and Cook Street and curving to where Wrigley Drive meets Broad Street.

John Jenkins, MSA Professional Services representative, suggested that the work on Wrigley Drive be done before or after the summer so as not to disrupt traffic in this area during the Lake Geneva tourist season.

“It’s too much work to do in the middle of the summer. It’s not a good place to work in the summer,” Jenkins said. “If things go really well, we can do it before Memorial Day.”

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Alderman Cindy Flower proposed that the company notify downtown business owners that street improvements are planned in the Wrigley Drive area.

“We’ve surprised our downtown businesses in the past without telling them we were doing a rebuild, and they weren’t happy,” Flower said. “So we want to make sure something is passed on to them, so they know something is happening and when it is happening.”

Jenkins said the 2022 street improvement program initially included work on Sheridan Springs Road, but they’ve decided to defer that project to another year when utility work is scheduled for that area.

“The Public Utilities Commission wasn’t planning on doing their job on that one,” Jenkins said of Sheridan Springs Road. “It goes to coordination because the right hand knows what the left hand is doing, but the left hand has been taken out to work in the future.”

Jenkins proposed to replace the Sheridan Springs Road project with infill work on Henry Street from Madison Street to Williams Street. About 100 feet of patchwork was to be completed on Henry Street in 2023.

“I suggest we move that forward for this year,” Jenkins said. “If we’re just doing the patch work, we might as well be doing this whole segment.”

Jenkins also proposed street improvement works on Warren Street, from Wisconsin Street to Dodge Street; Warren Street, from Dodge Street to North Street; or Waverly Street, from Water Street to Walworth Street; as a possible alternative to the Sheridan Springs Road project.

He said the amount of work the city can do as an alternative to Sheridan Springs Road depends on the cost of materials. Jenkins said construction costs could be 10-20% higher than in previous years due to supply chain issues and labor shortages.

“As we talk to some contractors, we’re definitely seeing pricing that we haven’t seen in the past,” Jenkins said. “My crystal ball is only so good. We can’t promise you what it’s all going to cost.

Other streets to be worked on as part of the 2022 program include:

Pine Tree Lake from Marianne Terrace to South Lake Shore Drive

Marianne Terrace near Pine Tree Lake

Sky Lake Drive from West Main Street to Linda Lane

Spring Street from Waverly Street to Crawford Street

Campbell Street from South Lake Shore Drive to North Wells Street.

Alderman Mary Jo Fesenmaier asked if repair work could be considered near the Lake Shore Drive and Wrigley Drive area, since the area between South Lake Shore Drive and North Wells Street on Campbell Street is being repaired.

“There are some big holes there, and I think it’s more than just a cold patch fix,” Fesenmaier said. “It’s a very busy and parked street in the summer.”

The program also provides for the replacement of nearby sidewalks and ramps:

southeast area of ​​Main Street and West Street

west side of Broad Street near Bruno’s Liquors

west side of Broad Street near the Lake Geneva regional news building

east side of Broad Street near Horticultural Hall.

Flower asked if MSA professionals would determine if any additional sidewalks needed repair. She said the city had allocated about $20,000 in the budget for sidewalk repairs.

“I thought we were going to look for cracks and raised sidewalks and fix that like they did the street improvements,” Flower said.

Fesenmaier said she would also like to see more sidewalk repairs, including in the street improvement program.

“Why don’t we watch the sidewalks?” Fesenmaier asked. “That’s what we said we were going to do.”

Jenkins said sidewalk assessment was not included in MSA Professional’s contract with the city, but that item could be included as part of the street repair program.

“If that’s what you want to have done, it can be,” Jenkins.

Flower asked why no lane repairs were included in the 2022 plan. She said that over the past few years at least two lanes have been repaired as part of the street improvement program.

“We’re supposed to do two driveways a year, and that’s not here either,” Flower said. “I don’t want to cross without alleys. I think we have to select lanes.

Flower also said she would like MSA professionals to contact residents who live on the streets where repair work is going to be done.

“It’s just more FYI communication with people, especially if we’re doing sidewalk and ramp updates,” Flower said. “We might be close to their property and just to let them know their street is about to be completed.”

After some discussion, members of the public works committee unanimously approved including two lanes, sidewalk assessment and communication with residents in the street improvement program.

Representatives from MSA Professional Services are expected to present more detailed plans for the street improvement program at the Jan. City Hall, Council Chambers, 626 Geneva St.

Jenkins said he hopes to be able to bid on the project in late February or early March.

“Contactors usually don’t start until mid-April anyway,” Jenkins said. “So if it slips a bit, it’s not the end of the world.”

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