No Croatian mass tourism in 2021, although some destinations will thrive

March 16, 2021 – Croatian mass tourism, which has been a hot topic for the past few years and now seems like a distant memory as the coronavirus pandemic rages on, will not return this summer. Some destinations, however, will more than likely thrive this past summer.

Like Poslovny Dnevnik writes, as warmer weather finally approaches, one of the concerns of Croatian authorities and the tourism sector is how to stop the spread of the coronavirus and vaccinate as many Croatian residents as possible by the start of the tourist season . Much will depend on the epidemiologists, with whom the establishment of tourist screening points has been agreed, and the development of the situation with the “vaccination certificate” at European Union (EU) level will continue to be monitored.

Economic analyst Damir Novotny asserts that the change in the structure of demand will certainly continue, i.e. what is available in terms of destinations accessible by car will continue to be the subject of tourism. , which means Croatia can expect guests from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary, as well as Poles who like to travel north to the Croatian Adriatic, according to the portal. local Glass Slavonije.

“Mostly there will be people arriving by car, there won’t be a lot of air travel, there won’t really be groups of tourists but individual trips. That then reduces the total spending of tourists by 30, 40 or even 50% It depends on the capacity that will be ready for individual customers who have different requirements and it is very likely that the camps will be very full, the hotels will probably do well, and for others types of accommodation… it’s hard to say,” Novotny predicted.

He thinks that vaccination alone will not play a big role in tourism, because the effects of vaccination can only be expected next year. His assessment is that nothing particularly spectacular, but by no means tragic, is likely to happen in tourism, and that it will be somewhere around last year’s level. This means that the Croatian mass tourism that we liked to complain about not so long ago will not be revived this summer season either.

According to economic expert Luka Brkic, he also thinks that the focus will be on Croatian destinations accessible by car, and that Slovenian, Austrian and German hosts can be counted on.

“Britain is a very important market for Croatian tourism, and they mainly come here by plane, but it is debatable, even if they have a high level of vaccination. Because after each opening, things are close quickly,” Brkic told Glas Slavonije.

Croatian mass tourism has had a hugely negative effect on destinations like Dubrovnik, which now has to find other ways to earn money after sleeping on its laurels for too long.

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