New Mainland Vocational Skills Certification Center Opens in Hengqin

A Guangdong-Macao Cooperation Skilled Personnel Assessment and Certification Center has been set up in Hengqin with 36 trainees taking their first pilot exam under the “one test, many certificates” model.

The center was established through cooperation between the Guangdong Province Human Resources and Social Security Department, Macao Labor Affairs Department (DSAL) and Macao Tourism Institute ( IFT).

The first batch of 36 successful trainees received Mainland Chinese Recognized Vocational Skills Certificates, Macao Skills Qualification Certificates issued by DSAL, and Macao Skills Recognized Standards Certificates issued by IFT.

Last year, Guangdong and Macao signed three cooperation agreements on social security services, “one test, multiple certificates” talent assessment model and skilled professional talent assessment, to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in human resources and social security between the two regions.

Under the “one test, multiple certificates” talent assessment model, residents of Hong Kong and Macau can obtain multiple certificates at the same time after successfully completing a professional qualification in Guangdong, with 3,169 professionals having obtained continental practice qualifications in 2021.

In a speech at the opening of the new center on Aug. 30 at Sumlodol Camping Park in Hengqin, DSAL Director Wong Chi Hong said the new talent assessment model represents the creation of a system of the Greater Bay Area which brings together the standards for the evaluation of qualified personnel from both sides.

The three parties present, consisting of industry representatives in Macau and Guangdong and IFT trainers totaling 30 people divided into three expert groups, continuously promoted the formulation, study and development of the examination regime and recognition of the three types of hotel work. , namely restaurant server, receptionist and room attendant.

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