Moon-shaped resorts proposed to provide ‘space tourism for all’

Designers Sandra G Matthews and Michael R Henderson have created a concept for a 224 meter high spherical complex which would include a moon-like experience, which they hope to carry out in four locations around the world.

Named Moon, the complex would consist of a spherical steel structure enclosing a hotel and the lunar surface attraction built on two of a three-story circular podium.

“There is nothing like the Moon on planet Earth,” Henderson told Dezeen.

“It will be a fully integrated, contemporary and luxurious resort destination featuring a unique attraction allowing guests to walk on the lunar surface while exploring an authentic lunar colony – space tourism for all!”

The first Moon Resort could see the light of day in Dubai

Above the podium, the 224-meter-high structure will be enclosed in the “largest sphere in the world”, which would be decorated externally like the moon.

This spherical shape would be constructed from a steel frame similar in nature to those popularized by the American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller. It would be covered in a carbon fiber composite and incorporate solar panels to power the station.

Lunar Resort Plan
The Moon Resort would contain a hotel and a lunar attraction

Within the sphere, a 20-story hotel would be topped with the Lunar Experience, which would mimic the surface of the moon and incorporate a “lunar colony”.

“It will have 10 acres of authentic undulating lunar surface incorporating a very detailed working lunar colony,” Henderson explained.

“This specific area will be used for guest visits and astronaut training,” he continued. “The colony will feature several global companies and space agencies showcasing their technology. It will also incorporate a university campus.”

Henderson and Matthews created the Moon World Resorts organization to license the Moon concept, with the goal of building a resort in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The organization plans to build the first complex in Dubai.

They estimate that each station will cost $5 billion to build and attract 10 million visitors a year.

Lunar experience
A lunar experiment will be located in the sphere

“Unlike many ‘fantastic proposals’ featured on Dezeen, Moon will be built because it makes perfect sense from a built environment perspective and its business plan is extremely compelling,” Henderson said.

“We will either main license a single large company or regionally license multiple companies to develop Moon in four global locations.

The attraction looks like a pair of spherical music halls set to be built in London and Las Vegas. Designed by the architecture studio Populous for the MSG group, the The London site recently obtained planning permissionwhile the Las Vegas sphere is under construction.

Dezeen was recently arrested nine spherical buildings from around the world.

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