Success requires sacrifice and patience, which is what has really been proven through several stories of successful people. However, there are some people who thrived in the world with their superpower belief system that they ignited in their inner soul. Sharmistha Ghosh is one of those role models for many women who dream of going beyond their limits.

At 19, a mother with her curiosity for the world of glamor, she nourishes her personality by modeling looks. With her dedication to the fashion world, she participated in the content of the KingFisher calendar template in 2011 and was among KingFisher’s top five designs. Despite her great job in modeling, she decided to turn her career towards entrepreneurship and started her own restaurant in Goa called Our Shack in North Goa, launched in 2011. In no time, her innovative ideas caught the eye. tourists pay attention to its restaurant and have become popular in the city. It was also awarded by Goa Tourism for the best atmosphere and the best service.

However, no success is without thorns. She has to close her restaurants. but she never gave up hope, she moved to Mumbai and worked as a marketing manager from 2015 to 2018. Moreover, seeing her growth in Toronto, Canada, she migrated and worked as a restaurant supervisor. Realizing her attitude as an unstoppable entrepreneur, she is in a rush to start her own restaurant in Toronto, works on her business plan and waits for funding to be approved.

She is the idol of passion, determination and courage. With the role of a mother, she is becoming an inspiration to several other struggling women. She wants to open several restaurants to make her daughter’s dreams come true. She also wants to open a foundation where she can adopt orphaned children.


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