Israeli blockade minimizes chances for Palestinians to find work in the occupied territories


Ruby Shabbat
TV press, Gaza

Tens of thousands of Palestinians line up outside Gaza Strip chambers of commerce, hoping to obtain permits from the Israeli side to work in the occupied territories and the West Bank.

This follows rumors that more permits are expected to be issued for the first time following the recent escalation in the Gaza Strip.

Given the deteriorating economic situation in Gaza, with high unemployment of over 53% and poverty reaching around 70%, Palestinians hope to obtain permits to find work opportunities in the Occupied Territories and the West Bank. that will help them reduce their poverty.

Since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, it has no longer allowed workers in Gaza to obtain permits that would allow them to work. Tens of thousands of workers went to work in the occupied territories every day in construction, agriculture, industry and tourism as their sole source of income.

The Chamber of Commerce says Israel should be held responsible for the rising rate of unemployment in Gaza.

The daily hardships endured by the Palestinians as well as the crippling blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip have driven hundreds of people to seek employment opportunities outside Gaza. The Palestinians called on the international community to end the siege and develop solutions to reduce the high rates of poverty and unemployment in the coastal part.


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