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For the editor:

In response to the recent letter to the editor (“My take on the Ironman Task Force,” Enterprise, August 8), the Regional Office for Sustainable Tourism would like to provide some clarification. The Ironman Task Force is made up of community members from each of the communities along the race course and was created to carefully review the event, get feedback from those communities on the race, and then address the challenges that a such a big event poses.

Contract discussions had been ongoing with various municipal interests for months prior to the Lake Placid Village Board meeting and there was general agreement in favor of renewal. ( and -3-year ironman contract, dated March 2022.)

To suggest that the task force recommendations were an afterthought diminishes the important work done by this group. ROOST worked diligently to ensure that the recommendations of the task force were taken seriously and, in fact, many of the recommendations made by the task force are already being implemented:

¯ A video showcasing the area and all the communities along the route was created by Ironman and shared by Ironman via email and social media. ROOST also shared the videos.

¯ A code of conduct has been created and shared with all participating athletes and training camps that Ironman has contact with. Additionally, it has been added to the new Ironman map.

¯ Communities were represented at Ironman Village to promote local businesses and assets. Some of the towns and community groups were at the Village to promote their communities – we hope to see more of our communities in the future.

¯ Creating a community contact to answer questions about the event, road closures and delays.

¯ An Ironman map has been created, highlighting towns along the route, code of conduct and alternative cycling routes.

Regarding the survey, it provided essential information to understand the pressure points of the community. The community survey was undertaken in a manner consistent with the design and administration of the survey. All members of the working group, the ROOST data analyst and other members of the ROOST team worked diligently to ensure that the survey questions were relevant, worded appropriately and that the results were interpreted impartially. The results of this survey helped the task force understand and identify the challenges and provide a list of recommendations to help mitigate some of these challenges.

It is true that members of the working group found that one member’s contributions hampered the productivity of the group as a whole. At the same time, we encouraged fellow members to continue to respectfully share their thoughts to build momentum and move toward a common goal.

The task force has spent a tremendous amount of time and done impressive work over the past few months. It’s a testament to the Task Force, Ironman and ROOST that this progress has been made. Anecdotally, community feedback has been supportive; and feedback from athletes has also been positive.

Our work is far from over. We will continue to solicit valuable community feedback on Ironman to make the event more beneficial to our communities. We look forward to working with race organizers, municipalities and community members to achieve this goal.

Marie-Jeanne Laurent

Chief Operating Officer, ROOST

Lake Placid

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