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The latest space tourism companies have used celebrities as endorsers. Last July, Virgin Galactic’s Sir Richard Branson was on the first sightseeing “astronaut” flight to the far reaches of space, where Branson and some of his Virgin Galactic colleagues experienced about three minutes of weightlessness.

On Blue Origin’s second sightseeing flight last October, William Shatner, aka Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, took an emotional journey to the final frontier. Comedian Pete Davidson was scheduled to take another Blue Origin flight last month, but was replaced at the last minute by Blue Origin chief architect Gary Lai.

Actor Adrian Grenier, best known for the television series Surroundings, will also play a leading role for startup World View. The company is developing a space balloon and capsule that will send tourists into space.

A rendering of the balloon capsule from World View hovering in space.

Courtesy world view

Unlike Captain Kirk, Grenier will have a title role in World View as Earth’s chief defender. “If that’s not the coolest title ever, I don’t know what is,” Grenier said. Robb report.

Grenier, who rose to fame playing flippant skirt chaser Vincent Chase, couldn’t be further from this character in real life. A longtime United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Environment, he also started the sustainability business Shft and currently runs a sustainable agriculture project in Texas. His interest in World View comes from an impulse to help “move humanity forward,” he says.

“I’m excited about the mission to inspire shifts in perception, shifts in people, so everyone can participate in a radically improved future,” he said on a Zoom call. “By enabling people to have these profound cognitive shifts in their perception, we can activate together to build that future.”

Entourage star Adrian Grenier joins World View as Earth director

World View also announced the redesign of its 10-person space capsule.

Courtesy world view

As part of the concert, Grenier will connect with other sustainability-focused organizations and welcome travelers back to dry land, where he will connect individuals and partner organizations with the goal of transforming their newfound appreciation. of the planet in action. A producer and director of documentaries, he also hopes that these interactions will feed into a film. “I want to film everything,” he says. “We talked about how to capture those stories.”

It’s no coincidence that Grenier’s introduction coincided with World View’s release of its redesigned space capsule layout: a pressurized, air-conditioned hexagon with large windows (6.5 feet by 4.5 feet ), a catering service, a telescope and a live broadcast. options. The capsule can accommodate 10 people and offers room to walk around.

Reaching an altitude of around 100,000 feet, World View balloons will not technically reach space (generally considered to start closer to 250,000 to 300,000 feet), but they will have a much slower travel, of six at 12 o’clock compared to the 60 -minute flights of rocket-powered competitors.

Entourage star Adrian Grenier joins World View as Earth director

The capsule will offer the same views of Earth and space as space tourism rockets.

Courtesy world view

“You can see anything that other people see that goes slightly higher,” World View CEO Ryan Hartman said. Robb Report in a previous interview. “That includes the darkness of space, the stars and the curvature of the Earth. You really see the planet from a perspective that almost no one has.

And although floating a balloon is much less damaging to the atmosphere than propelling a mass of metal into the stratosphere for a few minutes, World View trips are not without environmental impact: each polyethylene balloon filled with 14 million cubic feet helium can only be used once.

“One of the reasons I’m here is to dig deeper and help find ways to be carbon neutral and more environmentally friendly,” he says. One such idea is to recycle materials from balloons to build greenhouses on his farm. “It’s only a waste if it’s not used, so if we can put it back into use, put it back into the economy and create food and potentially trees…that’s one way to use this material.

Entourage star Adrian Grenier joins World View as Earth director

The space capsule at the bottom will be reused, while World View tries to figure out how to reuse the single-use balloon.

Courtesy world view

Other aspects of Grenier’s role have yet to be worked out. “My role is largely undefined and I am looking for people to help me. I want to crowdsource this wisdom,” he says. Among other tasks, he has a number of free rides to give away, and while he plans to give a few to influencers, he also hopes to give a few to “people you can’t think of. -be otherwise, which are a bit unexpected”.

Grenier will know what they have been through, since he is scheduled for one of the first trips. “One hundred percent I can’t wait,” he said. “I’m on the list, which is the perfect sequel to reminding people that they can reserve their spot online, and if they use my name, they get 20% off the reservation fee.”

It costs $500 to book and the full trip costs $50,000 – but, as always, Grenier is doing what he can to help keep it green.

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