Concepcion pushes for a 70:30 hybrid working model – Manila Bulletin

The Expert Advisory Council (ACE), a private sector advisory group, said it recommended Malacanang implement a hybrid working ratio of 70:30 (70% onsite and 30% working from home). ) to support economic recovery in the country. .

Jose Maria “Joey” Concepcion III, founder of Go Negosyo and head of ACE, told the Kamuning Pandesal forum that his group recommended the 70:30 hybrid working arrangement to President Marcos.

“My view is that I would like everyone to work in the office, we have to learn how to live life. There are exemptions, so we have to balance that so that our group offers a work ratio of 70:30 “, did he declare.

Concepcion pushed this return to the office to support growth and learn to live with the virus, the infection of which has slowed as nationwide vaccination hit 72%.

He was even optimistic that the national economy could still grow this year despite the weak peso and soaring inflation. While the weak peso may mean some Filipinos lose a bit, he said Filipino Overseas Workers (OFW) can benefit from the strong dollar and reinvest their earnings by investing in the country, sending their children in school and starting a business.

Thus, the private sector is pushing for full reopening and return to normal activities to support growth. For example, the private sector has also pushed for the non-mandatory wearing of face masks to support the tourism sector, in particular.

“The private sector kept pushing and we were right,” he said, noting that the crisis had survived all past global crises.

Making wearing face masks optional, Concepcion said, would send a good signal to tourists that they are welcome to visit the Philippines. While Filipinos need to be prepared all the time, he warned against over-preparing and putting in place all the restrictions that stifle people’s freedom.

He also cited the experience of Japan where they made the use of face masks mandatory and yet that didn’t stop them from being one of the worst affected by the Omicron variant.

“We want to enjoy and see people smile to encourage them to think it’s more fun to be in the Philippines, but you can’t have thousands of people at the beach wearing such funny masks and the Philippines is known for our hospitality that comes through our smile, so let’s not lose that,” he said.

“We have to save the tourism sector, it is very important. Let people come to the Philippines without wearing a mask because how can they take a picture with the masks on,” he added.



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