Club Med and Creative Seychelles Agency agree to showcase the work of artists

The deal was signed by Creative Seychelles Agency executive director Emmanuel D’Offay (right) and Youssef Tobrouki, the station’s general manager. (Creative Seychelles Agency)

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The Seychelles Creative Agencya public arts promotion entity, has signed an agreement with Club Med resort Seychelles to provide an additional platform to showcase the work of Seychellois artists.

The agreement was signed on Thursday morning at the Agency’s headquarters at the International Conference Center in Victoria.

The executive director of the Seychelles Creative AgencyEmmanuel D’Offay, told reporters that “this will help develop a link where Seychellois artists benefit, we receive training from Club Med and they bring Creole culture to Club Med”.

Under this agreement, Seychellois artists will be able to participate in Club Med activities from January 2023.

Youssef Tobrouki, General Manager of the resort said: “It was important for us to explain the concept of our establishment which is very different from others. The local culture is what we give to our customers – what our customers are looking for. “

He added that a large majority of Club Med customers are from the European market and want to learn and experience Seychellois culture. Although the resort organizes events for its guests, there is one day in the week that is specifically set aside to celebrate local culture.

With this agreement, Seychellois artists will now audition to ensure they meet the establishment’s criteria.

Club Med Seychelles, a 5-star luxury eco-resort that offers visitors a unique concept of a village experience, opened in Seychelles in April 2021. The property offers a busy entertainment schedule for its guests, which ranges from sunset watching with a DJ playing music in the background to live bands.

Tobrouki said that “through discussions with the CSA, Club Med has already defined its needs and will put in place all the mechanisms to start the process. The first feedback we will have from the artists who come to Club Med as well as from their customers will help us improve the program.”

A local music group, Relations Band, is already working with the tourist establishment.

“With this agreement, there will be a structure on how we can employ artists for our various events,” Tobrouki said.

D’Offay said the agreement with Club Med is the first step and the Agency aims to do the same with other hotels found in the country.

“We want Seychellois musicians to be able to perform in hotels and also ensure that establishments pay their royalties,” he explained.

He added that the next step in the deal with the tourism establishment is for Club Med to start paying royalties to the Seychelles Authors and Composers Society (SACS).

SACS is an internationally recognized non-state organization responsible for collecting royalties for its 135 members.

“We want the country to benefit as well as the artists from a cultural point of view and that the musicians can better participate in the events organized by the hotels and obtain more visibility for their work”, he added.

Meanwhile, as the deal is part of the CSA initiative to permanently market Seychellois artists abroad, from next week an expert will train the first group to write their biographies.

“That way, when someone contacts us looking for artists in specific disciplines, we’ll have their information available,” D’Offay said.

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