Balaton restaurants optimize work for a favorable tourist season

Tourism at Lake Balaton has gotten off to a good start this year, according to Balázs Csapody, owner of the Little Grasshopper restaurant in Balatonszemes and president of the Pannon Gastronomy Academy. The restaurant owner told the business newspaper Vilaggazdasag that despite recent price increases in Hungary, accommodation bookings do not seem to be decreasing, nor does the number of customers in restaurants.

Overall, Csapody explained, there doesn’t seem to be a major constraint to spending less in tourism hotspots. As for price increases, he said, a 15% increase over last year is inevitable, but it is a moderate rate compared to real and noticeable price inflation. In neighboring countries, he added, price increases in the hotel industry are approaching 30%.

During the pandemic, domestic tourism in Hungary has boomed, which will undoubtedly benefit the Balaton region in the long term as well, Csapody said, as the number of new customers has increased.

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A labor shortage and rising prices have caused many restaurants to reduce their hours to operate properly with fewer employees. Additionally, due to rising utility costs, Csapody explained, kitchens have also started using more sustainable technologies and reducing the amount of food they waste by reducing and streamlining their menu selections. towards more seasonal options.

Photo illustrated by Attila Balázs/MTI

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