A huge balloon with a bar to take tourists into space for $125,000 a ticket

Imagine gliding through space in a pressurized capsule via an enormous ball the size of a football stadium. This is how a startup plans to take tourists on suborbital journeys 100,000 feet above Earth.

Passengers will be able to observe breathtaking views during a six-hour journey. They can also sip cocktails in a bar on board the ship. (Yes, there is a bathroom.)

The journey will be “very smooth and smooth” and will provide passengers with “the ultimate astronaut experience”, said Jane Poytner, co-founder and co-CEO of Spatial point of view, told Yahoo Finance Live.

“It’s a completely different experience,” she added, noting that the panoramic views from the capsule are life changing.

“You’ll have this incredibly dark sky. When we take you out before dawn, you’ll have the most outrageous starry gaze you’ve ever seen,” Poytner said. “It’s deeply moving.”

perspective from space

“It really changes the way you see the world forever, and it will actually have a ripple effect in society as more and more people leave,” she added.

Seats cost $125,000 each, including a $1,000 refundable deposit. The cost is comparatively cheaper than Virgin Galactic’s (SPCE) $450,000 trips to 262,000 feet above earth, which are expected to launch commercially later this year.

“Remember, we’re at the very beginning of the industry. Every industry that changed the world, like aviation, like computers, when they started, it was very hard to imagine a lot of people using computers or airplanes,” Poytner said. “So will space travel. It will just take a little while for the price to come down as it evolves.”

Space Perspective plans its first piloted test flight in 2023 and its first commercial trips in 2024.

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