A “budget” space tourism company takes you to space in a balloon – with an open bar

If you can’t afford £350,000 for space travel with Virgin Galactic, you’re in luck: Space Travel Startup perspective from space plans to offer cheaper trips to the far reaches of the stratosphere in a gigantic balloon.

For the low price of £96,000 you can enjoy views of the curvature of the Earth from 20 miles high.

The “Space Lounge” is inside a large balloon that floats tourists to a high point above the Earth. It has free Wi-Fi and a drinks bar.

Plus, guests won’t have to undergo any tricky training unlike Elon Musk’s SpaceX trips.

Space Perspective will use a capsule attached to a giant balloon rather than an expensive rocket

This is because no rockets are needed for launches. Instead, the balloon glides smoothly upwards at 12 miles per hour while promising zero carbon emissions.

The only catch is that you won’t be able to experience weightlessness on the six-hour journey, which ends with a gentle splash in the ocean.

Space Perspective co-founder Jayne Poynter told AFP: “We wanted to find a way that really changes the way people think about spaceflight and makes it much more approachable and accessible.”

This image rendering courtesy of Space Perspective published on April 7, 2022 shows the space lounge inside the capsule of the Neptune spacecraft.  - A newcomer to the space tourism market promises customers a view of the Earth's curvature from the comfort of a luxury cabin, transported into the upper atmosphere with a giant balloon.  Space Perspective on Tuesday unveiled artwork of its swish cabins, which it hopes to begin launching from Kennedy Space Center in Florida starting in late 2024. More than 600 tickets have been sold so far, at $125,000 each.  With 1.5 meter (5 foot) tall windows, deep seating, dark purple tones and dim lighting, the atmosphere contrasts with the white, sanitized capsules of its competitors.  Wifi connectivity and a drinks bar complete the offer
The Neptune capsule features plush seats, large windows and even a bar

The company says it plans to offer 25 flights in its first year, with all available seats now full.

While the trip may not be as exciting as a SpaceX or Blue Origin flight, it should be a more accessible option for people looking to get up close to the stars.

It also marks an increase in competition in the race for private space, which has until now been dominated by the companies of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

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