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Civil War
Civil War
Newton County saw considerable military activity during the Civil War. In 1862, a rump session of the Missouri Legislature fled to Neosho and, led by Governor, voted to secede from the Union. This "rebel legislature" met in the Masonic Hall, which was on the northeast corner of the Square. It vote of succession was not considered valid because there were not enough legislators in attendance to constitute a quorum.

Civil WarNumerous skirmishes and small-scale fights were carried on throughout the county. In one of these fights much of the Neosho Square, including the courthouse, was burned. Much fighting occurred at Granby, as both sides wanted control of the lead mines in that community.

Two major battles were fought in Newtonia. Portions of those battlegrounds are now held by a non-profit group, the Newtonia Battlefields Protection Association. This group also owns the Matthew Ritchey Mansion, a home that stood during both battles in Newtonia and served, at various times, as a headquarters and field hospital.

Civil War

Two markers which note the rebel legislative session are located on the north lawn of the Newton County Courthouse in Neosho. A miners museum in Granby tells about lead mining during the Civil War. In Newtonia, visitors may visit portions of the two battlefields as well as the Ritchey family farm and cemetery, a large stone centennial commemorative highway marker, and the "Old Newtonia Cemetery" which contains civil war-era graves.

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